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Using Archive Finder

Archive Finder lets you search for available archive files on your system. Archive files typically contain files and folders that have been compressed to save space. Information you download from the Internet often comes in the form of archive files. You might also archive files on your own to save versions of material you can return to later.


The following archive formats are supported:

StuffIt X (.sitx)

StuffIt (.sit)

ZIP (.zip)

bzip2 (.bz2)

UNIX compress (.Z)

gzip (.gz)

RAR (.rar)

tar (.tar)

Self-extracting archives (.sea)

SEA Packages

Finding archive files:

  1. From the Find Files and Folders category, select Find StuffIt, ZIP, RAR, or other archive files. The Archive Finder window opens.
  2. Choose the search location. (To omit locations from the Archive Finder search, click the Exclusions tool on the tool bar.)
  3. Specify the type of search: Any archive file (comprehensive) or Specified archive types (which you select by type).
  4. If you are searching by type, check the types you want to search for.
  5. Optionally, apply a Search Filter by checking the Apply Search Filter box. Then click the Specify Search Filter button to choose conditions for a Search Filter.
  6. Click Search.