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Total flexibility by accessing "One Time Preferences" in DropStuff

One of the most useful features of DropStuff is the ability to access a One Time Preferences dialog. This dialog allows you to access the most common archive settings quickly and conveniently, and make changes that apply only to the current compression task. This can be particularly useful if you are using DropStuff by dragging and dropping items to the icon in the Dock and don't remember how the Default preferences are currently configured, or want to make on-the-fly changes such as enabling encryption.

To use One Time Preferences, hold down the Option key as you drag and drop items on top of the DropStuff icon.

One Time Preferences

The Stuff Menu Command

While DropStuff is designed to be used as a drag and drop application, you can compress files using the Stuff command in the DropStuff "File" menu. When you choose Stuff from the File menu, a file selection dialog will be used to allow you to select files to compress. If you select multiple files and/or folders in the selection dialog, they will be combined into a single archive file using the current Default settings (ie: The profile assigned to the Default DropTarget).

DropStuff Filters

In addition to using the Stuff menu command to create a regular archive, you can also use the "Stuff with Filters" menu command to create an archive from a source folder that only contains those items that match the custom search criteria you specify.

When you choose "Stuff with Filters" from the file menu, you will first be asked to choose the source folder from which you wish to create an archive. After you have selected the folder, you will next be presented with a "Find..." dialog that allows you to specify which files in the folder you wish to add to the archive.

While the entire folder hierarchy will be recreated within the archive, only files that match the search criteria you specify in this dialog will be added to the archive. In the example pictured, DropStuff will create an archive from the selected folder using only files with the word "Stuff" in the title, that have an extension of ".rtf", and that were modified in the last 2 weeks.

Stuff with Filters