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Creating Archives with DropStuff

Creating Archives by Drag and Drop to Application Icon/Dock Icon

Select files and folders in the Finder and drag them to DropStuff’s application or Dock icon and DropStuff will launch, create an archive of the files and quit. By default, DropStuff will create StuffIt X archives. The installer has put a StuffIt folder into your Applications folder that includes DropStuff and also optionally added DropStuff to your Dock.

Note: If you have older versions or multiple copies of DropStuff you should remove the other copies.

Creating Archives by Drag and Drop to the DragWindow

When you launch DropStuff, a DragWindow will appear with five DropTargets. You can drag files onto the main (large) DropTarget to create the default StuffIt X archives.

Tip: The smaller DropTargets are configured to create Zip and Tar archives and StuffIt X archives with different attributes. Each DropTarget creates a different type of archive.

When you drag and drop multiple items onto DropStuff, those items are combined into a single archive file. By default, that archive is created in the same folder as the files and folders you dragged to DropStuff.

Default DropTargets

DropStuff's DropTargets are preconfigured. The main target will create StuffIt X archives when files are dragged on it. The target on the bottom left will create Zip archives. The next target will create Tar.gz archives. The last preconfigured target will create StuffIt X archives and then burn them to CD/DVD. There is one more DropTarget that is unconfigured. You can create your own Profile with different format, encryption and destination settings. For more information, please read the Profiles section of the Help.


You’ve got a basic understanding of DropStuff and can now create archives. Click here for information about choosing the right archive format and other options. Continue reading the next section when you are ready to find out how to customize DropStuff for your own needs with the new Profiles feature and to learn about DropStuff’s other Advanced Features like Desktop Droplets.