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How to Retrieve Archived Files

Restoring from a Backup Archive

When you create a backup archive with StuffIt Scheduler, you are creating an archive using the new StuffIt X file format. Because the archives you create are StuffIt archives, you will have a great deal of flexibility in choosing how to access the files that have been backed up.

Using StuffIt Expander

The archives you create with StuffIt Scheduler are standard StuffIt X archives. To retrieve files form a StuffIt X archive, you can use StuffIt Expander, StuffIt Archive Manager, or Magic Menu/StuffIt Contextual Menu. StuffIt Expander, however, supports a special mode specifically designed to take files backed up by StuffIt Scheduler and place them back in the location on your hard drive from where they originated.

To access this feature of StuffIt Expander, use these steps: Launch StuffIt Expander
  1. Choose "Preferences..." from the StuffIt Expander menu.
  2. Click the "Destination" button in the "Preferences" dialog.
  3. Click the "Expand Archives..." pop-up menu and choose the "By merging into the location specified by the Archive" option.
When you choose this option, the contents of the folders stored in your backup archive will be merged with the equivalent folder on your hard drive. For example, if you choose to restore a backup archive that contains your "Documents" folder, the contents of the backed up folder will be added to the Documents folder currently on your hard drive. During this process it is likely that StuffIt Expander will attempt to expand a file to a folder that already contains a file of the same name. As the Finder cannot keep two files with the same name in the same folder, StuffIt Expander will notify of a collision for each file that already exists in the folder with the copy that is being restored from the backup archive.

If you would like to see where the archive is going to be expanded before actually expanding it, open it in StuffIt Archive Manager, select the top-most item in the archive window, and then click on the "Get Info" button. The location to which files will be expanded is stored in the "Source" tab of the "Get Info" window.

Using StuffIt Archive Manager

The StuffIt Archive Manager application allows you to open an archive and browse its contents without expanding all the files it contains. Using StuffIt Archive Manager is an ideal solution if you just want to access one or two files from your backup archive. For more information on StuffIt Archive Manager, please see the StuffIt Archive Manager Users Guide, located in the Documents folder in the StuffIt Archive Manager install folder.

Using Spotlight

The StuffIt Spotlight plugin allows OS X's built in indexing tool to search all archives located on any mounted volume (including CD's, DVD's, servers, and external drives). Spotlight is running all the time, cataloging any files written to the disk. Using the "Find..." command or the Spotlight menu to search for files, you can find files located within archives.

Working with Segmented Archives

If you have created your backup archive across several CD's, you will first need to have all the segments accessible before you can browse, search, or expand the archive. Typically, this will mean you will have to copy the segments from CD to your hard drive.