Using Figure Circles in Poser

What is the Figure Circle?

The Figure Circle looks like a white or red circle around the figure; you can grab it and drag it around to move or rotate the figure all at once. The Figure Circle is directly linked to the BODY object- but the BODY doesn't contain any geometry, it's just a placeholder for the figure to allow operations like scaling or positioning to affect the entire figure. Also, the Figure Circle doesn't move when you move the hip. Even with INVERSE KINEMATICS off, the hip can move right outside of the Figure Circle, so if you move figures around by turning INVERSE KINEMATICS off and dragging their hips, they'll leave their BODY objects behind, and the Figure Circles will stay stranded with them.

How do I move a figure then?

It's easier and better to move figures by selecting the BODY and entering X/Y/Z coordinates directly in the PARAMETERS PALETTE, or by dragging their Figure Circles or move the entire figure by selecting any part of it and dragging across the TRANSLATE/PULL tool in the EDITING TOOLS palette as shown in (1) . This can be done in Top view to position figures; it's fast and doesn't require careful selection or repositioning the Figure Circle or anything fancy.

What if the figure is already out of the Figure Circle?

If a pose in the Library repositions a figure's hips too drastically (if for example the figure was posed by moving the hip rather than the body), applying that pose can displace the Figure Circle relative to the figure's position. That unfortunately takes some fixing on the user's part to allow the Figure Circle to work correctly. It's not too hard though, just turn off INVERSE KINEMATICS, select the HIP and use the PARAMETERS PALETTE to set its XTRAN, YTRAN and ZTRAN parameter values to zero, and the figure will center itself within the Figure Circle. Then use one of the methods described above to move the figure, and it should behave properly after that.