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Graphics Products Tutorials

Anime Studio Tutorials

    Frame by Frame Animation
    Hippo Tutorial
    Carlos Lopez Gonzalez, In depth 3D video tutorials on Anime Studio
    Rigging An Image In Anime Studio
    Creating A Custom Color Swatch In Anime Studio
    Bone Tutorial
    Importing Poser OBJ's into Anime Studio Pro
    DK's Easy 3D Head Rotation Using Scale Rotate
    The Animation Process
    Drawing Characters in Anime Studio

Manga Studio Tutorials

    Creating Color Logos in Manga Studio
    Manga Studio Debut - Creating Word Balloons
    Manga Studio Getting Started: Video Tutorials
    Manga Studio EX - Importing 2D Images
    Lincy Chan, TOKYOPOP Artist, In depth tutorials on Manga Studio
    Manga Studio EX for Poser Users - Importing 3D Objects
    Getting Started with Manga Studio - Adding Effect Lines
    Getting Started With Manga Studio - Adding Colors
    Getting Started With Manga Studio - Pasting Computones
    Getting Started with Manga Studio - Using Screen Tones

Shade Tutorials

    Use MagicalSketch to Edit Shade Objects
    Renaming Browser Entries
    Area Renders
    Beveling a Polygon Edge
    Shade's TextEffector Tool
    Using the Spiral Line Tool
    Use Sounds In Shade Animations
    Move Items Quickly
    Use Line Fit to Match Surfaces
    Close the ends of Curved Surface objects
    Resize your Renders
    Add Spotlights And Cameras
    Set Center of Rotation
    Import Poser Files
    Beveling Edges In Shade
    Hidden Shade Features
    Export Double-Sided Polygons
    Use "Switch" To Edit Curved Surfaces
    User-Defined Shortcuts In Shade
    Add And Delete Control Points
    Mirror Copies of Curved Surfaces
    Create Polygon Meshes Quickly
    Q&A- How can you use caustics easily in Shade?
    Q&A- How can you make a regular heptagon?

Vue Tutorials

    Working with Layers
    Poser Import Demo
    Text Editor Demo
    Replicate with Variation Tutorial
    Basic Material Editor Demo
    Advanced Illumination Settings
    Multi Object Ecosystem Demo
    Simple Ecosystem Material Demo
    Mixed Ecosystem Material Demo
    Global Illumination Baking Demo
    Image Based Lighting Demo
    KickStart Tutorial
    Multi Layer Rendering Demo
    SolidGrowth Demo
    Metablobs Presentation
    File Synchronization Demo
    Object Replacement Demo
    Foreign Objects in Ecosystems Demo
    Rubber Plant Creation Demo
    Radiosity Demo

Graphics Products Tutorials (continued)


Poser: Talk Designer
    Introduction to Talk Designer Expansion Kit

Poser: HairTutorials
    Making Curly Side-Parted Hair
    Making Windblown Hair
    Creating a Beard in Poser 6

Poser: Figure Creation
    Bad to the Bone - Creating Your Own Poser Characters
    Getting Acquainted With The Face Room
    Setup Room Tutorial
    Using Poser's Figure Circle to move a figure
    Using Magnets in Poser
    NEW Creating Sticker Maps
    Creating Conforming Clothing For Poser Figures
    Using Poser 7's Morph Brush
    Building a Morphing Prop
    From Sketch To Posing- Creating a Simple Figure using Shade and Poser
    Making Conforming Shoes For Poser In Shade

Poser: Animation Tutorials
    NEW Alternative way of using backgrounds
    NEW Poser Animation 100- Getting Started
    Poser Animation 101- the Keyframe and Graph Palettes
    NEW Using Figure Circles in Poser
    Digital Sleight-of-Hand: Changing Prop Parenting in Animations
    That Matrix Thing You Do
    Introducing Actions In Mid-Walk
    Quick Tip: Smooth Looping Animation
    Using Poser 7's Animation Layers to Create a High-Heeled Walk Pose
    Animating a Guitar Strap
    Making Windblown Hair
    Animating Material Room Textures
    The Animation Process

Poser: Lighting Tutorials
    Make Your Own IBL Images On The Cheap
    Adjusting Depth-Mapped Shadows for Best Results
    Atmospheres Underwater
    Using Python to Parent Infinite Lights in Poser® Radiosity
    Setting Up Specular-Only Lighting
    Setting Up Toon Renders
    Advanced Material Room- The Alternate Channels
    Image Based Lighting

Poser: Content Management Tutorials
    Managing Your Runtimes to Increase Performance
    Transferring Files from Shade to Poser
    Installing Figures That Use Encoded Geometry Files
    Installing New Content Into Poser
    Installing Items from the Poser 5 Content CD
    An Overview of Poser Content

Poser: Third Party Integration Tutorials
    Building a Morphing Prop
    Tip for aligning a Poser figure to a path created in LightWave.
    Using Poser Pro's PoserFusion Plugin with Autodesk Maya
    Using Poser Figures In Mimic
    Using PoserFusion to export a camera pose from Maya
    Integrating Poser Figures Into LightWave
    Using UVMapper to Generate Templates
    Serializing and Activating VirtualFashion Basic for Poser
    Poser Import Demo
    Creating a Scene Using Poser, Vue and Photoshop

Poser: Materials and Rendering Tutorials
    Making Flash Animation Movies
    NEW Material Room 101- Working With Image Maps
    Shading Polygon Groups In Poser
    Stupid Node Tricks Volume 1-4
    Rendering with Depth of Field
    Firefly Rendering Tips
    Ambient Occlusion In Reverse
    Applying Displacement Maps
    Wetlook Eyes and Lips
    Node by Node Vol. 1 Color Ramp
    Simulating Isometric Cameras
    Animating Material Room Textures
    Getting Acquainted With The Face Room
    Using UVMapper to Generate Templates
    Setting Up Toon Renders
    Advanced Material Room- The Alternate Channels

Poser and Photoshop Tutorials
    Creating a Scene Using Poser, Vue and Photoshop
    David Ho- How To Create "Block Figures"
    Brian Haberlin- Creating the "Hair" Image Using Poser And Photoshop
    Using the Poser 7 Content Exporter with Adobe® Photoshop® CS3

Poser: Posing Tutorials
    Brent Rodenhiser's Pieta Tutorial
    Grouping Objects in Poser
    Quick Tip: Auto Balance and Posing
    NEW Posing 101- Getting Started
    Quick Tip: Controlling a Figure's Eyes
    Getting Acquainted With The Face Room

Poser: Cloth Tutorials
    NEW Different Clothing Types
    Dynamic Cloth and the Walk Designer
    Introduction to Dynamic Cloth
    Explanation of Cloth/Collision Parameters
    Wrap it Up! Cloth Tutorial
    Animating a Guitar Strap
    Dynamic Halter Top Dress
    Cloth Parameters and Their Effects
    Making Poser 4 Clothing Work In Poser 5
    Creating Conforming Clothing For Poser Figures